Crystalens Accomodating

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Crystalens Accommodative Lenses

The unique Crystalens can reduce or eliminate glasses for most activities including: The Crystalens was modeled after the human eye. Like the natural lens, it uses the eye muscle to flex xccomodating accommodate in order to focus Crystalens accomodating objects in the environment at all distances. Crystalens dynamically adjusts to your visual needs. In the aging eye the lens loses its ability to change shape and images are out of focus. Reading glasses or bifocals are required to help the eye focus. This condition, which begins to affect most people in their forties, is called presbyopia.

Presbyopia is the inability of your eyes to accommodate. The Crystalens is designed to allow the optic, or the central circular part of the lens that you see through, to move back and forth as you constantly change focus on images around you. Crystalens flexes as you focus your vision.

Significantly more patients implanted with a Crystalens Most patients have continued to report excellent vision 7 years after implantation with Crystalens. More than 95, crystalens implants have been implanted worldwide, Crystalens accomodating that number is growing daily. Crystalens accommodates like the natural lens. After implantation of Crystalens, most patients will see brighter and clearer from distance, intermediate to near like they did when they were younger. The natural lens is then gently removed, and the Crystalens implanted. Normal activity can be resumed almost immediately after surgery, with a total recover time of only days.

Crystalens is the first and only FDA-approved accommodating intraocular lens. Overpatients worldwide have successfully been implanted with Crystalens, and the number continues to grow daily. Postoperatively, most Crystalens patients are able to see close-up without glasses, meaning reading the newspaper or seeing the keyboard will be easier than ever. Most patients report having the same improved vision 7 years after their Crystalens implantation. Only Crystalens treats both presbyopia and cataracts, while improving overall vision and eliminating or reducing your dependency on glasses and contacts.

Unlike multifocal lenses, Crystalens directs all available light received by the eye to a single focal point, just like a natural lens. Patients with Crystalens do not need to neuroadapt to viewing multiple images as they would with a normal multifocal lens, because only Crystalens produces a single image consistent with normal vision. Is Crystalens a permanent solution to my cataract problems? The Crystalens surgery is permanent and the well-tested, durable design has allowed the flexing ability of the lenses to remain completely unchanged in patients for years.

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