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Today, VDL Groep is a major player in the subcontracting and semi-finished products sectors, produces its own finished products such Vdl suspension systems, is active in automotive factory automation, builds heat exchangers and container handling systems, and the family business owns VDL Nedcar in Born, the Netherlands' only large passenger car assembly factory, which carries out assembly line production of cars for third parties.

Visualization Description Language (VDL)

A pie chart visualization of disk space Vdl is also provided. VDL Browser Application This VVdl Vdl the VDL Browser, a Java application that provides commonly used visualization tools for examining the structure and data in VDL models, including browsing and partitioning data, and requesting details on demand. Initially, VDL Groep specialised in metalworking. Strength through cooperation Strength through cooperation. Are you intrigued by the activities of VDL Groep?

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