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Saint-Tropez. Et Dieu créa Pampelonne

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One of them, recently pointed out by Thibault Damour, and further discussed by Vitor Cardoso and others, is an absence of echoes in the gravitational wave ringdowns. I will give a pedagogical explanation of the issue in terms of the optical geometry. The optical geometry was introduced in a different context by Garry Gibbons and later explained dynamically by Brandon Carter, Jean-Pierre Lasota and me, and explored by many other authors. As a result, we now have access to very high contrast in the close environment of bright stars in particular the young systems in order to search for giant planets and circumstellar disks. This disk is seen edge on and the system is conveniently close 10 pc and young as well 20 Myr.

The hypothesis of a parent body emitting an outflow of dust will be discussed in the light of these observations.

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