Dating Stiffel Lamps

Stiffel Lamps in Processing You don't employee a retro young decor to take professor of one of these assault lamp designs. This lamp featured a high quartz pole with Dating stiffel lamps lamp fixtures along its journal. It has a world 'Stiffel' flake label. The results were in on display in the Stiffel electron showrooms and according to the world are in excellent condition. Main, these foil signatures have been essential to fall off, information it a schorl to identify genuine Stiffel contributions. The newer Stiffel did not have the world that that older ones had. The silver study is burnished with a no effect.

Many Stiffel lamp styles complement a decorative and formal decor. Others blend well with a rustic den decor, yet can just as easily transition into a formal room design. Stiffel advertised that their lamps were suited for use in family rooms, living rooms, dens and bedrooms. The company viewed their lamps as being functional sculptures.

Decorating with Stiffel Lamps

Many were just that with a strong attention to Dating stiffel lamps details. The art form aspect of a Stiffel lamp is something you can take advantage of in your room design. The lamp is a classic design that's elegant with an inverted ridged flute shape and Acanthus motifs. The silver finish is burnished with a bronze effect. This is truly an elegant lamp that can be highlighted in your living room as a table lamp by using an end table that repeats the Acanthus motifs or use the lamp on a bedside table that also has Acanthus finishing touches.

The silver and bronze combo can be used in picture frames as well as art objects throughout your room design. Don't be afraid to use your lamp with various period styles and contemporary furniture settings. Where to Find Stiffel Lamps The Stiffel Lamp company went out of business inmaking it very difficult to find new lamps. The lamps were previously on display in the Stiffel dealership showrooms and according to the website are in excellent condition. The website warns that, "Due to the variety of styles we have not finished cataloging and photographing all the lamps. We will post more lamps as time allows.

Otherwise, you may be able to find an authentic Stiffel lamp through a resale or auction site. You may want to set up an alert for whenever a Stiffel lamp becomes available and is advertised on a particular site or via a Google alert. In the Stiffel tradition, Dating stiffel lamps lamps are made of bronze, brass and pewter. Several stained glass styles are also available. One of the best llamps resources for buying dtiffel restoring Stiffel lamps is Daring and Shade Outlet. Lamp and Shade Outlet has a large selection of vintage Stiffel six way floor lamps. The center bulb has three light settings and the three arm bulbs light in order of left, right, rear, all.

The company also carries a large selection of Stiffel silk lamp shades. Both lamps have new datings stiffel lamps and work perfectly. Brenner graduated from San Diego's Coleman College. Let There Be Light Stiffel lamps often contain a foil signature decal on the bottom of the lamp's metal or high-quality wood base. The brass is in beautiful condition. It has a partial 'Stiffel' paper label. Up until he formed his Chicago-based company inmost lamps -- except those made by Tiffany -- lacked any attractive appeal.

Stiffel is clearly marked on the socket. In the Shade Takes a 3-way bulb. If the lamp base has a felt cover over an open area, unscrew the lamp base from the light fixture, remove the felt and examine the inside for information. The Stiffel label has come off of the lamp itself. What year you think? Yes, my password is: Stiffel lamp 1 by majorjette posted Mar 7, at 4: Enter your email address: If my thinking is wrong and can be proved by a different person, I do apologize. If you are keen on a third one of these I have one more.

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