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So we will be providing gender balance automatically. Since datimg has different effect on woman and man, we want to equate woman-man numbers. Each country will try to find two out of six participants immigrants.

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Thus, during the project when the occasion arises, we would benefit Beni their experiences. Also, two out of six participants datnig be financially limited. Thus, inopportunity young will see what they can manage when have opportunities. We will Benij our activities between 12 and 17 July in Yozgat. We did our activities Benim dating provide cultural exchange between participants and to point out prejudice and racism. We will draw attention address mapping and health problems in one of our activities. We will teach a Turkish lesson and we will test whether they understand or not, or how they could understand. Thanks to this activity, participant will understand how immigrants feel at lessons.

Thus, participants will understand why immigrants abandon their country or why they have to do it. In one of our activities, creative drama and role playing techniques will be used and participants will deduce by acting out different countries applications. They will deduce about migration and prejudice concepts as well as improve both their communication and interaction skills.

We will give our participants a paper and want to do the missions written on paper, and we will test their attention. Outline[ edit ] The main characters in the novel are miniaturists in the Ottoman Empireone of whom is murdered in the first chapter. From this point, Pamuk — in a postmodern style reminiscent of Jorge Luis Borges — plays with the reader and with literary conventions. The novel incorporates metafiction in such ways as making frequent reference to the reader and to the narrators' awareness that they are characters in a book.

Each chapter of the novel has a different narratorand usually there are thematic and chronological connections between chapters. In addition, Benim dating voices are used, such as the corpse of the murdered, a coin, Satantwo Benim datingand the color red. Each of these "unusual" narrators is contributed by specific characters, who detail the philosophical system of 16th century Istanbul. The novel blends mystery, romance, and philosophical puzzles, illustrating the reign of Ottoman Sultan Murat III during nine snowy winter days in Enishte Effendi, the maternal uncle of Kara Blackis reading the Book of the Soul by Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyyaa Sunni commentator on the Qur'anand continuous references to it are made throughout the book.

Part of the novel is narrated by Elegant Effendi, the murdered miniaturist. Al-Jawziyya argues, in the same fashion as Islamic doctrine, that the souls of the dead remain on earth and can hear the living. Pamuk suggests that, to some of the characters, viewing miniatures or "perfected art" is a way to achieve a kind of glimpse of eternity. Thus Shekure seeks to look upon the reader like women who view miniatures of a distant time and place do, thereby escaping time and place — " Characters[ edit ] Elegant Effendi, murdered miniaturist who speaks from the afterlife to the reader in the opening chapter.

Kara Blackminiaturist and binder. Recently returned from 12 years away in Persia. Nephew of Enishte "Uncle". Enishte Effendi, maternal uncle of Black, who is in charge of the creation of a secret book for the Sultan in the style of the Venetian painters. Shekure, Enishte's beautiful daughter with whom Black is in love; Shekure related to English 'sugar' refers to Shirin, meaning 'sweet', also the name of Pamuk's mother. Shevket, Shekure's older son also the name of Orhan Pamuk 's older brother. Orhan, Shekure's younger son also Pamuk's first name.

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