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I muscovite most of it is found for the whale, though. But Alya, again this ho, seems to be red Gary as she's always essential up wherever he is. Views like they're making their way back to each other. They could be the best will on the street.

But he's starting as he means to go on, by getting the new fella to pay for lunch. Todd got busted and Marcus is heartbroken and feels as foolish as he ought to. So much so that he's going to leave town. All Todd can do is whine to his mother that he doesn't want what he wants Free casual sex in south point oh 45680 he gets it and doesn't want to be hurt anymore. Then lied that Marcus beat him though did admit Sluts in puleston. He's a pathological liar and a manipulator and has absolutely Adult video calling redeeming qualities at this point.

Perfect for working with Tony who knew exactly which ego buttons to push to convince Todd to work for him and Jason. Somehow I think he was talking about more Sluts in puleston just paperwork and drumming up business but to start with, Todd has proved himself and Tony's faith though Jason's not too happy, not trusting Todd an inch. In the meantime, Marcus had a nice good bye scene with Liam, Maria and Julie and it looks like he's made peace with Maria at least but I have a feeling Marcus will be filled with regret for a long time. Even Todd looked slightly bothered when Marcus got in the cab.

Say what you will about Rob, though, he's a good brother to Carla too, these days. Did you see Rob's face when he saw that bracelet on Tracy's arm? He went even whiter when Steph recognized it as the one stolen from the flat. The police believed Steph and she can identify it to the last charm. Rob has no receipt. The police are doing a full search of Number 1 and Rob is crapping himself. Peter is mystified but suspicions are hanging more over his head than Rob's. As Carla pointed out, the bracelet proves she didn't do it and even Tracy reminded the police that if she'd done the deed, she'd hardly be flashing the stolen bracelet around.

It doesn't prove Peter did kill Tina, not due to the fingerprints, at least, because Deirdre told the police she cleaned it off. Any prints will not be relevant but the location of where it was found is relevant and Peter was the only previous suspect living there with any motivation that the cops know of. The missing charm off it was found inside the toilet which is not kept locked but it means that it's unlikely someone kicked the bracelet in from the ginnel, under the gate, into the outside loo. The dog scratching at it could have loosened the charm. Rob still manages to turn the police's attention to Peter and away from himself. I don't know, Rob's actions, and how jumpy and tetchy he's been really seem suspicious to me but because there's no obvious motivation, they don't seem to be looking at him.

I like that Steph is still having a lot of trouble dealing with Tina's murder. In so many cases, the aftermath isn't about how it affects friends and family and right now, she seems to be the only one that's giving Tina a second thought at all. Aside from the murder investigation, nobody seems to be bothered until Rita, all of a sudden, gets asks to help Steph pack up Tina's things then it's all running mascara again and Dennis is there to help support her. Not that Norris is happy about it and it sounds like he's been making it his business to undermine Dennis as much as possible. I think Anna and Owen are starting to suspect that there's a problem between Anna and Izzy too. They don't really seem to have much to talk about.

Certainly quite a contrast to Jason and Eva all loved up behind the bar. Finally, Izzy puts it on the table. I think she also realizes how she feels about him has changed as well. He resisted it, but he seems to realize they're over, too. It's quite a civil split. Or it was until Alya spilled the beans about Gary spending the night. That ticks off Izzy's self esteem on top of the fact that he lied to her and it looks like a pattern to her. Surprisingly enough, Owen admitted he was wrong and wants Gary and Izzy back together. But Alya, again this week, seems to be stalking Gary as she's always showing up wherever he is. It's almost a drinking game now. Anna and Owen still love each other too.

Looks like they're making their way back to each other. I'm still waiting for him to apologize to her for the way he treated her. She certainly paid the price for her decision. Anyway, they're going to rebuild things slowly. BC Friday, 18 August LOL Any one of us would have had a camisole underneath, but not our Gemma! I see no one else mentioned it either! Joanne Friday, 18 August Even in the background shot yesterday, when Gemma was almost out of camera shot, she was eating in her gross way, mouth stuffed full and eating with it open, talking at the same time although didn't hear sound. I used to like her, but her screeching voice and gross habits are getting on my last nerve.

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And puletson sausage on a fork bit was truly OTT. At long last, a fresh start for Carla without making her continually self-sabotage herself. I'm curious about the new dynamics that will happen between Carla and Michelle, too. Friday, 18 August Their friendship was sincere, and they always showed care and concern for each other. Lynn Friday, 18 August The character is played out, IMO. What can she do?

Is our young new star producer out of ideas already? Why else trot out the old characters? No more Connors as someone else mentioned the other day. Characters like Sluts in puleston they let linger and be nothing, and now she leaves no wonder and rather than thin out the cast they want to bring in more? I can see it now, Dev and Carla bond over the vast business empire that they are going to build together. They could be the wealthiest couple on the street Gayle Friday, 18 August

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