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Any shortages, defects and damage must Datinng reported in writing, directly to the Supplier within 24 airane of the delivery and if nothing is reported then the goods will be regarded as having been delivered in good Dating ariane sex, complete and without damage. Possible risks of which the goods or products are subjected to from delivery and during transport will be accounted for by the other party. All disputes to which these Conditions are applicable will be settled by the District Court of Amsterdam. All the goods supplied by or on behalf of the Supplier remain the property of the Supplier until the moment that the debt owed by the Other Party to the Supplier has been settled in full.

Dating ariane sex when and for so far as it has otherwise been agreed in writing, deliveries are made on a carriage paid basis enterprise or domicile or to another place specified timely. All the legal and extra-judicial costs incurred by the Supplier are to be borne by the Other Party. In cases where a delivery time or term is exceeded excessively the parties must consult with each other.

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