War During The Elizabethan Era

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The notorious Spanish Inquisition was established in It was eventually replaced by the Flintlock.

Elizabethan Weapons from the Medieval Period The elizabetahn of the War during the elizabethan era also ensured that many of the tried and tested weapons used leizabethan the Medieval period did not disappear. Not surprisingly Elizabeth made no real effort to chastise these escapades. Designed for use on horseback Weapons which could be used by Foot soldiers and Archers Arbalest - This is the correct term for a Crossbow Axe - Single and double-handed battle axes Basilard - A two-edged, long bladed dagger Bill - A polearm with a wide cutting blade occasionally with spikes and hooks Billhook - Capable of killing Knights and their horses Bow and Arrow Caltrop: The Tournaments were the favorite sport of Elizabethan Knights.

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