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She said to me: I am a different person and I'm ashamed of all those things I did in the past. So how genuine is her contrition? Jonathan Ross, one of the BBC's highest paid stars, wondered aloud if their 'joke' would drive Andrew Sachs to suicide 'I was so close to my grandparents and now I don't talk to them because I don't know how to begin to say sorry. How can I Sluts in upton green them in the eye now that they know everything about me? Perhaps she should have thought about that before she jumped into bed with Brand, a self-confessed sex addict, and then inadvertently blurted out 'That's my grandfather!

Who wouldn't want to shout it Bomb carbon peak dating the rooftops? But part of me did worry Sluts in upton green it would come back to haunt me. With her privileged background, exclusive education and what she agrees was an idyllic childhood, it's hard to fathom how, within 18 months of leaving sixth form with three respectable A-levels, Georgina was writhing around scantily clad in a Camden club, snorting cocaine between erotic dances. I was a bit chubby and she'd show me ways of choosing outfits which flattered my figure. She used to tell me that the most important thing for a girl was not to be "easy".

Her explanation, some might say excuse, is that her self-esteem plummeted following her parents' divorce. The family home was sold and for the first time in her life she was living independently, in a shared flat paid for by her father, and felt adrift as her parents' attention was focused on their own predicament. She could have easily found a respectable job, but, instead, worked for an independent film company which required her to hold 'crazy' parties for the cameras involving jelly-wrestling and such like to titillate viewers. What a depressing sign of the times that Georgina says she has no 'moral issues' with flaunting her sexuality as a means of making easy money. Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross on BBC Radio 2 From there, however, it was a short journey, via drugs and dubious friends, to topless modelling, then nude modelling and then,inevitably, much more.

I started taking ecstasy, sometimes six pills in one night. It was an easy way of making money and I had the bailiffs knocking at my door. She would ask me if I was taking drugs and I'd simply deny it. I think my mother wanted to give me independence and let me make my own mistakes, but I abused her trust in me. One day, just over a year ago, she woke up in her flat - strewn with drugs paraphernalia, empty alcohol bottles, a broken lapdancing pole and various comatose hangers on - and decided she was worth more.

She moved out and gave Sluhs drugs overnight. From then on she Sluts in upton green to forget the past, and concentrate on her uptn troupe The Satanic Sluts - the title, of course, being 'ironic' as Georgina says she's utpon really one. Georgina hasn't spoken Sluts in upton green her grandfather Andrew since the scandal She has a boyfriend of six months, drummer Bruno Agra, and he's uphon 'cool' with her past. Music, one would hope, to her grandparents' ears. At gree time she met Russell Brand inthings yreen rather different.

Given his mobile number by her friend, she arranged to meet him via text message. Georgina had just finished rehearsals with her troupe when she received a voicemail from Brand - who she hadn't heard from since early Slyts year - confirming her worst fears. It Slust too late for that. I don't care if they want to make fun of me and what I've done in private, but to publicly bully my grandfather like that is unforgivable. I am shown many thick portfolios. I tell her I quite want to have the face of my collie, Michael, on my shoulder, but Harriet says getting hold of an artist who does that kind of work will take some time.

So in the end I settle on a rearing horse, and an artist called Jaclyn Rehe, who specialises in impressionistic animals that are also pretty: Hopefully, should I ever go strapless, it might also distract from my cellulite. She tells me there will be no anaesthetic, topical or otherwise. Everything is reassuringly aseptic: This is not too bad. Not even as bad as having my eyebrows tattooed, which hurt a great deal as the skin was over bone. My arm, thankfully, despite decades of an eating disorder, has a little bit of residual flesh. There is a buzzing noise, and much gentle wiping with an iced cloth, which is soothing.

I shut my eyes, knowing when I wake I will be transformed. About two hours later, I realise I am a walking logo. I have the Ferrari horse on my arm, but it could be worse: Liz Jones sits while tattoo artist Jaclyn Rehe gets to work Ouch! After enduring some tenderness and a little scab-shedding, I took my new tat to Paris Fashion Week, where I sat, on a teeny gilt chair, arm bravely exposed, and other women, those scary ones in weird hats and difficult shoes, actually smiled.

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I am no longer conventional, but I no longer care. Yeah, I like it. A bit rock and roll. Last week, I unveiled my horse to my teenage nephew and his mum. How much did it cost? I imagine stern words were said once I left. And at an awards ceremony on Thursday night Compassion in World Farming, where I got two gongs for my work with animalsI took off my jacket and mingled, and the tat proved a real ice-breaker. I now understand why people have tattoos. God, I used to care.

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