Interracial Dating Among College Students

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Items 17 and 18 on the 24 item questionnaire were "I am open to involvement in an interracial relationship" and "I have dated someone of another race. The category Neither Agree nor Disagree was also an Interracial dating among college students. Individuals who circled Neither Agree nor Disagree were eliminated from the analysis. Five-hundred and twenty-two respondents acknowledged an agree or disagree position on being open to interracial dating. Five-hundred and eighty-three respondents reported that they had or had not dated interracially. Findings and Discussion Almost half Almost a quarter While there were no significant differences in sex women vs men or university rank freshman, sophomore, junior, senior between those who were open to interracial involvements and those who were not, there were significant differences in regard to race, cohabitation experience, previous interracial dating experience and openness to cohabit.

This finding was significant p [is less than]. Previous researchers have documented the greater acceptance of blacks versus whites for interracial relationships Rosenblatt et al. Explanations include more benefits from blacks joining the majority than vise versa, the greater number of whites available to blacks than vise versa, and the greater exposure of blacks to the white culture than vise versa. Finally, black mothers and white fathers have different roles in the respective black and white communities in terms of setting the norms of interracial relationships.

Interracial dating among college students

In many black colleye, mothers play the key role in accepting or not accepting an interracial relationship, much more than in white families. In white families, fathers were more often tsudents players, as were siblings, grandparents, and other kin Sixty percent of the college students in this Interracial dating among college students who had lived together expressed an openness to become Interracial dating among college students in an interracial relationship. Forty-seven percent of those who had not lived together expressed a similar willingness. This difference in cohabitants versus non-cohabitants over willingness to date interracially was statistically significant p [is less than].

Both cohabitation and dating interracially are non normative behaviors. It is not surprising that students that elect to engage in non mainstream behavior in one area express this tendency in other areas. Ninety-two percent of the respondents who reported having dated interracially were open to doing so again. This finding was statistically significant p [is less than]. The finding that exposure encourages acceptance is not unusual. Today's college students see no problem with multiracial relationships Interracial dating among college students This study focused on attitudes and behaviors of college students regarding interracial relationships.

Employers can list job opportunities for students Post a Job Housing Providers can list available housing Post Housing. Awe-inspiring dorm rooms of Instagram The approval for multiracial marriages rises in accordance with college education levels.

Important factors in partner choice. A new tactic to teach freshmen about Itnerracial assault: But their experience may not be Intetracial. Journal of Black Studies, 38 2- In white families, fathers were more often major players, as were siblings, grandparents, and other kin However, increased individualism, tolerance for diversity, and greater minority enrollment in colleges and universities may result in more approving attitudes of college students toward interracial relationships. Almost one fourth Both cohabitation and dating interracially are non normative behaviors.

Tips on citation download. The transmission of racial attitudes within the family.

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