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While sure, Damon's brain was probably tingling with possibility now that Elena was back on the market, to his credit he DID offer to be a good brother and take Stefan out for a night on the town. But Stefan was NOT in the mood for those kinds of things because he knew that Elena had specifically cited Damon as the reason why she didn't want to be with Stefan. So yeah, Salvatores be fightin' now. Meanwhile Mystic Falls High's star quarterback cannot lift a keg off a truck. But a certain newborn vampire hunter CAN. Oh Jeremy, quit showing off.

So then Stefan roamed through the hospital checking everyone's medical records to decide which patient most deserved to be murdered and turned into a vampire and then re-murdered.

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I will never get tired of the force-feeding of blood on this show. You don't have to swallow! I am not trying to brag, but NOT swallowing a stranger's blood is one of my best skills. Like, seriously, try me. It hadn't happened since Season 1 when Caroline won it, so now she was organizing the whole event and also her personality returned to her more annoying Season 1 ways? It pains me to admit this, but my precious darling babygirl angel Caroline was kind of a B. I am not even kidding. I don't ship anybody on this show, but man did this particular series of scenes really get me: I'm not talking about Caroline falling for a noted villain which is what's happening here and why it's slightly disturbing that she'd be so bossy about Elena's romantic choices.

Because she's that amazing. She's so amazing that a Michelle rodriguez sexhot villain would actually TRY to win her over. That's just old-fashioned romance right there. Hi Klaus Then we met a new hybrid named Kim who looked like a slightly nicer Michelle Rodriguezbut she was still not very happy about breaking all the bones in her body a ton. Yup, Hayley's after-school hybrid mentorship program was in full swing! So that's when Hayley Michelle rodriguez sexhot invited herself as his date and he pretended it wasn't the best idea.

Haha then Kim yelled at them for being annoying about it. I liked Kim immediately. Then Jeremy offered to help Elena put on a necklace? It was very creepy in my opinion. It was just a dream: And this was so lulzy I couldn't stand it: Writers, you crazy for this one. Here's Jeremy putting on a tux: Here's Matt telling Jeremy about vampire hunters and reading from some xeroxes that he probably made at the public library just before taking a sink-bath there: The gist was that the mythological vampire hunters are so consumed by their thirst for murdering vampires that once Jeremy starts he may never stop. Then after a weird scene in which everybody argued over what kind of dress April should wear in the pageant as though April is a character that anybody cares about let alone forms thoughts about her outfits, Elena just straight-up told Damon why she dumped Stefan: Then Professor Shane interrupted with some truly perfect timing.

So then Stefan lured Jeremy into some basement doesn't matter which one and made him murder a baby vampire. But he did anyway! Um, then it was time for the pageant and Klaus arrived and Caroline literally said that he looked "perfect. That's all I have to say about that. Hayley was great in this episode, especially when she showed up with Tyler in a sorta-trampy dress and immediately started making fun of the entire charade by trying on the tiara. SUCH a Faye move. Not gonna lie, my heart ached a tiny bit for TSC in this moment. But also Tyler and Hayley had some chemistry going too: Did you like my "backyard" joke?

Was this year's Miss Mystic Falls pageant especially chintzy? I don't know, it could just be that April sorta looked like Bristol Palin and also who cares? I don't mean to sound harsh but April as a character has been kind of a disaster so far. Okay, nevermind then, I don't want people to be killed. Forget I said anything! So then the gloves came off when Elena and Caroline started fighting over Elena's new ladyboner for Damon. Obviously Caroline is a Stelena shipper and always has been, but I think this episode should've pointed out that Caroline spent a lot of Season 1 as Damon's perpetual rape victim?

I know that sounds like harsh language but vampire compulsion is basically roofies, you guys, and Damon treated Caroline very badly for many months which she of course remembered after turning. So this episode in a weird way tried to paint Caroline as a villain in this debate when she was actually totally justified. On the other hand, don't try and tell Elena who to love? That's like friendship Anyway, I was kind of tired of seeing Caroline lose her temper because who cares what Elena does so I wanted both of them to hush. And I wasn't alone!

Klaus, Review free adult video chat one thousand year old vampire, intervened in some teenage girl drama and actually looked good doing it. Sexhott listened to him and even accepted rodrigudz offer of a commiserative sdxhot. Live and learn, Stefan. This scene was so cute I rrodriguez even ruin it with captions. Basically, Klaus was teasing Caroline by reading her application for the Miss Mystic Falls pageant from the previous roddriguez In fact, she looked more vibrant and giggly than she had in MONTHS, which made it all the funnier when the camera cut to this: Haha sorry but I laughed here.

Tyler's a good guy, but that was a total soap opera-style reaction. Don't you love how in TV shows characters can never have a private moment that won't be walked in on by the exact person it would hurt? That's just an interesting way to go about it, in my opinion. So then Damon outed himself as a vampire to Professor Shane: In the process of Michelle rodriguez sexhot capitulating to Damon's todriguez, Shane confirmed that there were many layers of MacGuffins at play here: Jeremy's tattoo would lead to a map, which would lead to a box that could only be opened by Bonnie, which only then would cure Elena's vampirism. Ugh, that's at least four more episodes of MacGuffin' chasing right there.

It's a town with a rich history of vampires, first of all. But he's also wealthy and stylish and unemployed? It's just a first-impressions type of thing. So yeah, sorry Damon, I'm not sure you're fooling anybody ever with the vampire stuff. Of course Professor Shane already knew. April won Miss Mystic Falls, presumably via pity vote: And then Jeremy showed up and he seemed pretty dead-set on murdering his sister! The whole scene was an emotional nightmare for them both, but here was the gist: Smoking hot beach girls sunbathing nude on the boats and flashing sweet pink cunts between wide spreaded legs, to make their rich boyfriends horny and wish to fuck them asap.

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