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Ever since, she has been outspoken about her struggles and often uses her story to inspire others Who is dating nick jonas 2014 similar issues. But I was genuinely concerned that I might lose my friend," Nick says. It's a journey, you know? And it still is. And we did have a lot of pressure on us to maintain that image. But once you become an adult you realize nobody's perfect, and it actually does you a disservice in your artistry to try and keep that up But it was more challenging than I've spoke about before. I never wanted to sound like I was bitching about it, because a lot of people would kill to have what we did. But I had a couple years where s--t was really not going well—like when the Jonas Brothers tried to come back and do it againbut too many things were just not authentic about what we were doing.

To be 21 and think, 'All right, is my career over?

Have I blown it? Or do people just not care? It's a bizarre matchup to a lot of people. The actor, who channeled his inner action star for the magazine's shoot, said that he was now very single But despite his lovely words, the Jealous star spoke in the past tense and told the magazine he is now very single - which is something he is still getting used to. Then the feeling of being disheartened by what's out there. Then getting into crazy artist mode and throwing it all out, the good, bad, and ugly. And my current situation is that I'm very much single, but I'm trying to be as open to people who can inspire me in some way.

And then you'll text the person and finally meet the person. It's like online dating. I'm like, should it be a group? A Game Of Thrones fan, Nick said he crushes on Emilia Clarke but, and here is where the controversy lays, he also likes Amy Schumer and, 'I know they are besties, so I can't really say this, but Jennifer Lawrence, too'. He said the difficult break up serves an inspiration for many of his new songs - including track Chainsaw - which he recorded at his home in Mammoth.

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I'm meeting new people, and what that has been like. Also, just as a general change in my life. This year has been kind of nuts. When asked, the star replied:

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