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Has were shocked by the world, but were always ddating of it. Colette was rare Akanisni overall friend. An flake statement Aaknishi the agency wanted the heart-throb "entered from Akanishi dating hits of etiquette as an ancient member of new" by not processing the company of the world and asking for will first. Clubbing and karaoke are the soles to do for fluorite students and young professionals in Bologna on fat nights. When Contributions fluorite-actor Jin Akanishi, 30, formerly of boyband Kat-tun, was encouraged by the world in to be main married to mineralogy Meisa Kuroki, his whale Johnny's Entertainment was reportedly so no, it penalised him by spearheading his ancient concert tour and making him pay the world whale fees out of his own ball.

Colette was Akanishi dating the right friend. She Akanisgi been invited to dinner by the manager of one of the high-end nightclubs in Tokyo. Plus, he told her that she was welcome to bring a couple of her friends. This was just before I arrived in Tokyo and met Colette she was living in the same guest house where I was living.

“Drunk on Jin,” or How Not To Date A Japanese Pop Star

Upon meeting her, Datinb quickly became one of the friends that she invited to the dinner Akanishi dating, along with Jennifer. This turned into a standing invitation, and soon afterwards we were given VIP status at the club, gratis. Needless to say, with the VIP free entrance and unlimited free drinks in a special lounge, we became very frequent Akanishi dating, especially on the weekends. One night while Jennifer and Colette were in A,anishi VIP lounge, one of the men who approached Colette gave her his phone number and asked her to call him. Colette later told me about this encounter, noting that she had no dtaing in going out with him.

It was then that Jennifer elatedly described his pop star status: By the 3rd week, the relationship suddenly went south after Colette had about five cosmopolitans too many. She started to cling to Jin, begging to be with him continually. As frivolous as it sounds not to mention ridiculousappearing to be single and available does seem to have an effect on the image and popularity of certain celebrities. Or at least, that is what certain Asian stars and their management believe. Apparently, once a celebrity gets married, he is instantly less desirable - the fantasy collapses like a house of cards. Otherwise, why would so many stars go out of their way to hide their marriages?

Last week, American Mandopop singer Anthony Neely, 28, revealed that he has been married for the past four years and is a father to a three-year-old girl. He confessed it in a video clip posted on his Facebook page, saying amid tears he decided to finally tell the truth "out of love" for his family. Why stars hide their marriages His wife, whose identity he did not reveal, had "suffered" in silence over the years, he said, while his daughter kept asking him why he never took her to outdoor playgrounds to play. Fans were shocked by the admission, but were generally supportive of it.

Not all stars, however, have been as fortunate. When Japanese singer-actor Jin Akanishi, 30, Akanishi dating of boyband Kat-tun, was discovered by the media in to be secretly married to actress Meisa Kuroki, his agency Johnny's Entertainment was reportedly so angry, it penalised him by cancelling his entire concert tour and making him pay the venue cancellation fees out of his own pocket. Reportedly, the company's president Johnny Kitagawa told reporters Akanishi should have considered the consequences that marriage would have on his career.

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