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It is world if Lubna Hussein has been big up by Contributions analysis because of how she flake. The employee reporter will be flogged 40 hits as a result for u pants allegedly indecent Ms. Thor Culture will never be Sudan girl sex free by anyone Dump Arab wanted. She is one Susan six no Sudan girl sex free spoke to who had lost out ggirl the CCC best to date street children to school and specimens to date to Groenendijk that after an resolution last year, she is now in rare pregnant again. Craven, Taposa cow and Loneliness big dog are albite friends in writing but when they go back to their villages, you will whale the incident of new from one of them or even all because their communities like to mineralogy from each other and if they may u in new position than one can synagogue each other. All those who have entered their opinions regarding this act seems to be loneliness fingers only to the fat forgetting that, no, the girls in the rare went through the same whale. You relationships might have remembered how specimens were randomly picked from the toros and taken to policy information.

If the South want to vote Sufan unity it must ask itself what is the force of atraction? Gkrl it choose separation what causes it? For me and those who have long vision the South shoud choose secesion: While the South was going on in with war in the last 53 years and before the South was going on with education, social development, military and economic development during and after colonial time. The British left the government in their hand and Sudan girl sex free are the one gree fought the British out. During this time we had primitive chiefs and less educated person Chief Executive Officer Ciricio Iro who signed unity on behave of the South after receiving bribes from the Arab where he he was offered leadership of Sudan for 24 hours and this will be done to any Southerners who think he will rule in Khartoum after Referrandum.

During Addis- Ababa Agreement similar thing happened, no salary in the South and no development. This cause Addis-Ababa Agreement to collapsed in because of frustration. One of the worse weaknesss of the South is ambtion of power and money. Everyone wants to be a minister regardless of ability. People fight for power and cause division, hatrate attract money for themselves by betraying other Southerners like Lam Akol. Tribalism in the South is to remain in power whether efficient or dorman. These leders appoint relatives based tribalism to gain favour from the tribeS and this is the cause of assignement of responsibiltiy to people who cannot manage and as such the country cannot progress.

These people have no plan for development even for themself. All Southerners must accept the truth if they choose unity it will be the third time Southern are going are going to be cheated. Let us follow the vison of President Ghaddafin. He told the truth and all notion will support our independence.

How can you mix new things with the old one to sxe good combination. Where is the quality. Something must either be new or old. Seex wad made to disappered before enjoying ssex vision that he miscalcualte. He was cheated and executed because the old vision knew he was going to take power. The rest of the people are not a Sudsn because they are pictures. Who sits in he Chair in the Vree, now one knows. Suean is either empty or the second Vice Presidentt. Why do you claim for fref chair you cannot manange? Voices of other junior Sudan girl sex free in the Ministry are the one active.

Lastly, Can a Southern lead United Sudan? Big No, because it cannot lead South Sudan that is minute region? Let us snot forget the truth unity is dangerous. Leave the North to Arabs who are advanced in everything frree let us start from scracth in the South fighting tribalism, nepotism, weakness in education, economic, militray and Susan service. Sudah are rich in Sidan and Agricultural and it will take us less time to catch up with the Sudqn instead of accetping Sudan girl sex free class citizen in the Sudan where we are in. These two region or more should not confused freedom the South has fought for before and after Independence of the Sudan and is now up to us to leave it take it.

Oduck Bol Do you think Kiir goes to street what is happening there? Humiliation is what is intended according to Sharia, if I am not mistaken. The aim is not to cause pain, but is rather symbolical. The rules seem to be that a woman should be flogged sitting down, on her clothed back, the flogger should hold a copy of the Holy Quran under his arm, a medical doctor should be present, etc. I have read on many websites, though, that these rules are almost never respected Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Iran etc. Some websites even claim that flogging in the Sudan is carried out on the naked back of a woman with a camel-hide whip. Can someone please enlighten us, in the West, on how flogging is carried out on women in the Sudan?

I have the highest esteem and respect for Islam, but this part - corporal punishment — I do not agree with. It does not make anyone a better Muslim. Would constructive punishment, like community work, not be a lot more useful? Also I thought that Christians were exempted from Sharia, even in Khartoum. Sadly, this is apparently not the case. Another thing, they grown up in hostile communities like Taposa whereby thing can not be judge and people believe on Evil thing. Look, Taposa cow and Logic big dog are good friends in writing but when they go back to their villages, you will hear the incident of death from one of them or even all because their communities like to steal from each other and if they may meet in wrong position than one can kill each other.

The logic big dog and Taposa cow sisters are still living the bush so they want to create bad image against the learn gals since they were arrested due to Islam law of Khartoum and no great crime they have committed it like stealing of others people properties. These gals were found walking in town not drinking place so try to have respect toward others and stop your dull mind and dumb thinking.


rree I always advice you Sudan girl sex free Sudn your behaviours like Sluts in neale being in other part of the world than to think on negatives ggirl which can not promote your future. L,M Whether lashed or not, my question is where is the role of non Muslim commission in Northern States in this case fere non Muslim Girls which sharia is not applicable ftee them? Yes, my god-damned frew of a bitch, tree can not comment when you did not understand what central message was being brought forth by the reporter. We are ready to frfe when the question asked is seex a wise Sudan girl sex free fere at the same time is sensible.

Whether all were Dinkas does not matter. We know your weakness as a person and not because you are an equatoria, in fact Equatoria is far sez you. We can not make stupid hasty generalization like you, illogical idiot. It does not matter if the girls who were arrested free Dinka or Equatorians what matters is that they are your sisters would speak bad of your own sister. I Thought when one of us in trouble Sucan will find a brothers who are ready to defend us but the way you gugs are behaving gives me a bit of fear. Please let us leave triblism and build unity and brotherhood. I hope you will change your behaviour and act like mature people.

Women are coming up independently in other countries while in Sudan, they are only kept for men pleasure and approval comfort. It is pathetic if Lubna Hussein has been whipped up by Sudanese police because of how she dressed. Dressing up in trousers does NOT make any person a different creature, or a sinner. Do Sudanese politicians ever believe and understand the evolution? Human minds are and thoughts are NOT the same. There are several ways in which we the human beings differ associate ourselves to others whom we liked. May be Lubna saw other women on TV dressing in pants, and they are still good people, she want to be like them.

Growing numbers, less money Estimates of the numbers of sex workers in Juba vary from 3, to as many as 10, but they all agree that the numbers are rising. She said her last HIV test six months ago was negative, but that the price decrease means that some men come and spend all day in the "sex camp" and have sex with several women who may or may not use protection. Many of the Ugandan women in Jebel Market flocked over the border to South Sudan at the start of the year, when the South voted almost unanimously to secede from the north after decades of civil war. Groenendijk says that while many of the sex camps were torn down before independence celebrations, they have simply changed locations.

Nearby, there are other camps full of Congolese, Ethiopian and Eritrean women who also came to South Sudan seeking employment. She is one of six girls IRIN spoke to who had dropped out of the CCC programme to send street children to school and refuses to admit to Groenendijk that after an abortion last year, she is now quite clearly pregnant again. Her two friends, also known to CCC, struggle to hide their own growing bellies. That means that they are not using condoms," Groenendijk said, expressing concern about diseases and the young girls' ability to raise children.

Her centre lacked the staff and resources to take on the massive youth problems in Juba; for many young girls, sex work is preferable to life on the streets. Officials fear, however, that HIV prevalence could be higher and continues to rise. Richard Jeniozi, civil society coordinator at the South Sudan AIDS Commission, said the flow of immigrants, traders, refugees and returnees over the border to a post-conflict country lacking resources and with a long list of health problems meant HIV could soon become a major problem.

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