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Copumbia Columbia girls naked in a room, or at a party, snapping a crotch shot apparently seems like such a nifty, fun thing to do. Adults can be stupid, too. Anthony Weiner, aka Carlos Danger. Having the nude shot replaced by a mug shot might Coljmbia a good thing. It could wake up the stupidest kid. Just as there are parental controls on television, there is widely available software to monitor the devices kids walk around with. Some will send the parent any photo the child takes before it can take flight. The urge to share is so great that in a notorious case, a group of teenagers on the football team in Steubenville, Ohio, took pictures of their criminal behavior.

They had video of partygoers cheering on the players as they violated a girl. They drew a line at sending a picture of one of them urinating on the victim but a kid bragged about it online.

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