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The EPA is quick to add that the ctoods aimed at cleaning up gasoline and automobile emissions would yield billions of dollars in health benefits by by slashing smog- and soot-forming pollution. For automakers, the regulation allows them to sell the same autos in all 50 states. The cost at the pump for cleaner air across the country could be less than a penny or as high as 9 cents a gallon, depending on who is providing the estimate. Of the remaining refineries, 29 already are meeting the standards because they are selling cleaner fuel in California or other countries, and 66 would have to make modifications.

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The Obama administration already has moved to clean up motor vehicles by adopting rules that yuy double fuel efficiency and putting in place the first standards to reduce the pollution from cars and trucks blamed for global warming. Becker said the rule would reduce pollution equal to taking 33 million cars off the road. The additional cuts, while smaller, will cost just as much, Drevna said, and the energy needed for the additional refining actually could increase carbon pollution by 1 percent to 2 percent.

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