Free Casual Sex In Carlock Il 61725

Let me assault you by your main I'm not big what will date of this post. I have will hair blue hits I'm with fit. ISO a content, mineral, stable "moss" to date indoor and mineral fun.

The world's too big to not give you a reason to constantly laugh, smile, make stupid jokes.

My life is that, my life. I'm carlkck open book to the ones I Free casual sex in carlock il 61725, and only a slightly more condensed version to strangers. I wear my emotions on my sleeve, collar, shoelaces. I love hard and feel things in a big way. I'm passionate kl understanding. I tend to blab when given a range of free. I'm probably fairly good at it. I like to live by 'do what you want. If I want to duck out carloc, work early to catch Freemeetonline com sunset, I will. If I want to drink whiskey--neat--until I'm stumbling and losing miserably at pool, I can.

I'm dasualI'm immature, I'm a lady. I can also tie my hair back and throw a football, talk hockey, eat nachos. I like to write, trade books, make bad puns. A -crafted sentence is the key to my heart. I was a writer for a few years, and miss it terribly. I'm not sure what will come of this post. Not even sure what I want from it. Maybe there's a good dude reading this. Someone who lives his life. Works hard at his job and is good at it. Someone who actually enjoys spending time with his family. Someone who has friends and hobbies. Maybe someone who just wants to spend quality time meeting someone who's in the same boat as him. Someone who isn't shallow and has manners. Maybe someone who's been caught up working on himself and wants to share a little of himself with someone new and honest.

But I'm putting this out into the universe with great hope of something new, true, and exciting. And so there's that. I am looking for a relationship with a good looking, charming, sweet, fun guy. I am a busy girl. I go to school two days a week and other days I work. I need a guy who is okay with this. Sometimes my schedule sucks but I will make time for that special person. I need A reason to get outta the house when I'm home anyways. I don't have a car now but will have one in the next few weeks.

I have brown hair blue eyes I'm short fit. I love to have fun and enjoy life.

ISO a clean, mature, stable "friend" to enjoy indoor and outside fun. I am Fgee, great shape, smooth,nice skin, clean,told good looking etc. I tend to be more carlockk a bottom if we ever get that farbut can top when and if the occasion ariseslol. Good basic fun including kissing, if attraction is mutual! Enjoy being eyecandy for my "friend. That said, one-time things aren't that appealing to me, either. I mean it about the friends part, too, so telling me a little about yourself is preferred over just sending a photo below the belt.

I want to be with someone I get along with well. Finally, plz be in decent shape and clean. I am both those things.

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