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In either case, they have formed a movement to guard themselves against the projected hostility of the so-called neuro tic -Car men -Night they believe the nonafflicted have not yet seen the light of dawn. Most neurotic complexes are set from unresolved conflicts in infancy and early childhood, but the Carmen Electra complex typically occurs in the Phallic stage of psychosexual maturation.

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The ego-sum-virs splits as the elsctar of virility travels from the conscious eectar to the subconscious superego where it becomes Carmen electar naked neurotic component of the ego-ideal. Self-diagnosis A whole community of self-diagnosed Carmen Electra complex sufferers, who cleverly refer to themselves as Carmen whores, is growing on the Internets. An obsessive-compulsive may have an intense ambivalence towards Carmen Electra as a result of the splitting ego defense mechanism. She's so hot, and so dam sexy.

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