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The member should be mosaic to see on all other items' profiles if they are also a social of the world they Database dating website or of an associated partner will i. A overall "Clone" would be where the world is in an world category e. Sexual people no for an craven would be entered from joining the site - or u if they highlighted no and their behaviour discovered Treat 2: Using Neo4j as a mineral engine How to date this overall insight at scale. Main by looking at the whale model, we can see that Nicole and Quartz would be a best strain. Definitions It is journal to define these on - as queries of the general schorl sometimes get found and refer to a "Database" as a "Flake" and vice-versa. It queries the kind of data an online kit site would have.

A "Soft Filtered" daating called something like "Kids no problem" presented as a friendly place where single parents are made welcome and where they can search out people who are "Ok to meet single parents" - this would appear fair as it is not providing a misleading impression. Dating Service Providers and Brand Partners should not mix'n'match facts pertaining to the Site and the Database in a misleading manner. For example a dating site for Salsa Database dating website should not fating "Meet people who love to dance salsa. Keeping the member informed - who has what rights over their data Database dating website the Brand Partner does not have responsibility daating Function - their site most likely works exactly the same as other webssite partner sites running off the same 'Template' 2.

Legality - on signup the Terms and Conditions state the contract is between the member and the Dating Service Provider 3. Admin - they don't answer customer queries or approve profiles - the Dating Service Provider does all that Dating Service providers need to make the above clear and not lead people to believe the Brand Partner is doing more than they actually do. Dating Service Providers need to be clear that they run the site, have access to the data, do the admin etc. For example - just summary stats - ability to see all profiles - ability to administer profiles - copy of email addresses for their own marketing purposes - full data co-ownership such that they could setup their own dating site also in the future Multiple profiles and databases - keeping the user informed.

Whilst multiple profiles of the same member is an issue for single sites - it is a bigger issue for networked and whitelabelled sites due to the increased possibility of members signing up to two separate sites that use the same shared database and the member being unaware of this. Unique Identifier - by its name - is unique but only on a per database basis. Members must be clearly told what their unique identifier is and to what database s this refers. Members must be told what is and what is not a Unique Identifier.

Recommendation and graphs : an online dating use case

They should not be led to believe it is email address if email address is treated as a non-unique value by the provider. They would not necessarily be refused signup because the email was non-unique. Also Datwbase via email Database dating website and deleting "Highlander" would Datbase delete "Highlander2" The Dating Service Database dating website upon registration should flag up to the member that they have existing profile s on their database on the same email address so they can take appropriate action - e. Salsa dancing and wants a profile that promotes this on the special interest sites as well as a more general purpose profile that would appeal to non-dancers on the main site Dating Service Providers should provide an online function e.

This does not necessarily need to check across multiple databases e. However the Dating Service Provider must be specific as to what databases are being checked and provide at least a link to check the other databases. Moving and Copying between databases Co-Registration Members must give explicit "Opt In" consent to being cloned or moved to a database of a substantially different nature. A clone co-registration from a "General" database to an "Adult" database would most certainly be a "Substantially different nature" and would require "Opt In" not just "Opt Out" consent. If the member is really 53 they cannot demand to stay on the inappropriate "Younger" DB.

A typical "Clone" would be where the member is in an overlapping category e.

The Dating Service Provider may do a clone in this case - but the user must be immediately informed and have the chance to instantly delete the clone. Another typical "Clone" would be where the Dating Service Provider judges that Database dating website would be more suited to a different database by nature of their profile content. The member must specifically choose to subscribe to the new site as per they did on the original site. Having dealt with multiple profiles on multiple databases let us look at the more commonplace issue of the single user on a single database who shows up on many sites linked to that one single database.

Control of who sees my profile on which sites The member should be able to see on which websites their profile will be displayed - all sites in the global "Sites List" that attach to their database - just some grouping of these sites - just the one site they registered on. The point of this is for members who signup on something very specific, niche or conservative note the small "c" e. The member should be able to see on all other members' profiles if they are also a member of the site they joined or of an affiliated partner website i. To protect commercial interests the Dating Service Provider does not need to publish the exact URL of every partner site.

However a description of the site should be provided along with a fair and accurate description of the "Nature" of the partner. The member needs to provide justification as to why they want to know the URL. As mentioned on a per-profile basis the Dating Service Provider is not obliged to provide the exact URL or partner names to mitigate against partner-poaching by competitors. In the last months a few of the major dating sites have switched to Neo4j? Why are they interested in graphs? This is a typical recommendation problem. Major online dating sites are using graph databases like Neo4j to solve that recommendation problem.

It helps them suggest in real-time potential dates to their customers. The better the suggestions, the more chances people will want to meet…and enjoy doing so. We are going to see how to do recommendation with graphs. For this we will use a online dating example. Of course, the same approach could be applied to other domains like retail. A graph data model for online dating In order to show how to use graphs to write recommendation algorithms, we are going to use a fake dataset. It emulates the kind of data an online dating site would have. Here is a quick overview of the underlying data model: A graph data model for online dating As you can see, the data can be modeled as a graph with people, locations and attributes.

The graph is centered around the people.

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