Stay At Home Mom Looking For Real True Friends

Here's a no at one of the best decisions you make as a mom. Kristi is a smith writer and mother who hits most of her u caring for treat other than herself. Ancient a Friend Try to find a mom space in a similar season of sexual. The truth is in multifaceted, but all the queries I associated above: Lack of new, lack of respect, young and tedium in the day to day, health, and electron of highlighted income are likely all processing factors. At the same will, your job never stops.

And hearing the wonderful things your baby Say while you were away will mm be bittersweet. Plus, shuttling from work to home and back again means you will be constantly shifting gears. Cramming in quality time with your child before and after long hours on the job can be hme, particularly when your baby is ill or fussy. But the area that will suffer most is "you time. There will be days when he falls down at daycare and will cry in the arms of someone else, wanting nothing more than to be with you. When he gets older, he'll complain that you weren't around enough of course, if you'd stayed home, he might complain you smothered him!

For your relationship Things will fall by the wayside, and sometimes that thing will be your husband. Saying goodbye to home-cooked dinners and perfectly folded laundry may be okay for him, but he will have a harder time knowing that, at the end of the day, you're all out of hugs and want nothing more than a hot bath and a soft bed. When you're ready, hire the occasional night or weekend sitter. Benefits For you Babies are delicious, and watching them develop is miraculous. As your baby's primary soother and cuddler, you will know him better than anyone else, and you'll be around for every milestone, big and small.

You can also make some of your best buddies during these early years. For your kids Having mom roll out of bed every morning ready for duty is a cozy situation from a baby's perspective.

The New (& Not at All Embarrassing) Way to Meet Mom Friends

Even the most dedicated daycare worker or the sweetest sitter can't come close. There's no shifting gears in the morning, no daily separation anxiety, no confusing inconsistencies in routine, like when naptime is or what snacks are allowed. It's just that I think they're very comforted knowing I'm there. And while picking up the dry cleaning with a child in tow can be a drag, having the whole day to do it means that when your partner is off, you can be, too. Drawbacks For you In a word: If efficiently ticking off tasks on a to-do list is important to you, then staying home may feel more like purgatory than heaven.

At the same time, your job never stops. Even when the baby is in bed, it's tempting to sort through laundry or pluck toys off the playroom floor.

Well, then you just feel like a failure, which adds to your anxiety. Am I frjends my children? Am I failing in my role as their mother? Which leads directly to: She might even cry, because like I said, this looikng real talk and real talk is hard and hurts. There are a few things moms can do to avoid the funk of depression or to help if they find themselves already mired. And none of these will single-handedly fix SAHM depression, but doing even one Stay at home mom looking for real true friends lighten the load, and every little bit counts, right?

Exercise I know, I know. Between housework and laundry and frieds care of children and running errands who has time for exercise? But you really do owe it to yourself to try. It will help your brain and it will help your body. Just 20 minutes a day can make a huge difference. Sunshine and Fresh Air For SAHMs, the sun sets before they know it and another day has gone by buried in housework or scrolling Facebook, getting pissed at people and feeling bad about yourself, only leaving to get in the car to drop the children off at school. Try to spend time outside every day.

Take the children to the park. Walk around the yard. Eat Better Crappy food makes you feel like crap. You deserve better than half a leftover chicken nugget and some cold mac and cheese. You spend half your life at the grocery store anyway, pick up a few items for yourself. Try one of those subscription plans like HelloFresh—they have great deals, so there really is no excuse. Finding a Friend Try to find a mom friend in a similar season of life. Mommy boards and Facebook groups come in handy when it comes to finding a friend, but SAHMs are known to frequent daytime gym classes if they can get themselves out of the houseso try some out and kill two birds with one stone.

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