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Small black spots on back, uniform Lookin for thick not on bc on square tail. No teeth in throat, at back of tongue. Trout - Dolly Varden Small head. White leading edges on lower fins. Armour-like plates Lopkin of scales Catch and release fishing only Sturgeon are a cartilaginous, almost prehistoric-looking fish that can grow to six meters long and weigh over kg. Their elongate tuick usually ranges from greenish grey on the back to light grey or white on the belly. Instead of scales, their bodies have five rows of large armour-like plates know as scutes.

They have long noses and projecting mouths, located on the lower part of the head, accompanied by four fleshy whiskers known as barbels. There are two species of sturgeon in B. Both occur along the coast in inshore waters and in medium to larger river systems. When observed, green sturgeon, the rarer and smaller of the species, are usually encountered further offshore. Shellfish Shellfish include all aquatic invertebrates: Octopus, sea cucumbers and squid are also managed as shellfish in British Columbia. Manila, littleneck, butter and varnish clams can be found in gravel and sand beaches in protected bays.

Razor clams live on wave-swept sand beaches open to the Pacific Ocean. Butter clam Large, thick-shelled with well developed concentric ridges but no radial lines.

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Geoduck thuck Geoduck clams are bivalves, and have two shells that fro white and somewhat rectangular in shape. Their equal-sized nott do not conceal their enormous siphon neckwhich is white to reddish-brown in colour. Geoduck Lookin for thick not on bc are the largest burrowing clams in the world, with a shell length that can exceed 20 centimetres. Tthick generally weigh between 0. Geoducks are slow-growing and long-lived, with maximum ages of at least years. Littleneck clam Lines up and across outer shell surface, round, white shell interior. Manila clam Lines up and across outer shell surface, elongated, purple shell interior.

Varnish clam Shiny brown covering on outer shell surface, round, large external ligament at hinge. Razor clam Shiny brown covering on outer shell surface, oblong. Thick shell, rough sculptured appearance. The interior is white and satin smooth. The two shells of the oyster are held together by a ligament at the hinge and a large adductor muscle. The main species cultured in southern B. November 23, Search and rescue crews brought Annette Poitras down from the long line in Coquitlam, B. Poitras, 56, was last seen Monday afternoon walking three dogs.

She spent two nights in the rain-drenched wilderness before being found shortly after 11 a.

PT on Wednesday by rescue crews. Close to 60 searchers were looking for Poitras, a professional dog walker who had been missing since Monday in Coquitlam, B. She'd been lost in the woods for three days 1: Marcel Poitras was full of gratitude for the days of searching by crews from around B. Chloe the border collie was one of three dogs rescued along with Poitras. Bubba the puggle and Roxy the boxer are safe as well. A search and rescue official told CBC News she took shelter under a log to stay as dry as possible, but seemed "chipper," with just an injury to her rib from slipping and falling on a log in the thick wilderness.

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