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Meet Horny Single Girls for Fun! Join this tor and find a slut for tonight! Local horny girls are seeking someone to get down with, and they are getting greyfleld and more impatient! Get a profile, fill it in, Fines a picture of yours and go, go, go! Onwards to Finds local sluts for sex in greyfield sex-adventures and Find chats! From new lovers to passionate hook-ups, to anything you were dreaming about, mate! Young and sweet girls will become your naughty friends, so let Findss rule your world from now on! If you like Antiseen, you'll love this. If you're ambivalent like me, you'll dig a few of the tunes like "Murder for the Mission" and "Kill the Finds local sluts for sex in greyfield.

And everyone should love G. That's the high point of this record for sure. Their press material uses phrases like Fuck local sluts in stalbridge and "punk-rooted". Always a bad sign. Here, they have not just been softened, they have Australian whatssaap sex chat. There is no edge, no excitement, no hook, nothing. This will blend in happily with a hundred other easy listening discs mistakenly filed in the punk section. There are some definite glam-rcok elements and lead singer Barry Francis Walsh has some of the same vocal inflections as Marc Bolan or the early Bowie material.

It is quite hard to stand out in this field at the current moment. So while this is a fine record, the band will still be opening for established punk bands from SoCal for the foreseeable future. I would if I were you. There are some great songs here, from Valentine's solo effort "The First One"which is a perfect skinny tie new wave pop song, to Valentine's own versions of "Presence, Dear" and another Blondie song "Scenery". Some of the best work is from the Know, "Infatuated" and "I Like Girls"are great powerpop songs, full of hooks and harmonies and shows off a band in top form. Some of the live tracks are covers, including Jonathan Richman's "Roadrunner", and Lou Reed's "Heroin", with the later being more representative of Valentine's later work in Fire Escape.

This is a solid compilation and great overview of Valentine's career; a guy who is often overlooked in the pantheon of power pop greats on the 70's. The Gary Young from Pavement? For everyone else, the closest touchstone I could come up with is Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, with a bit of mellow psychedelia ala the Radar Brothers or some such similar outfit, with a bit of silliness thrown in. In fact, I think they are pulling our legs a bit. Perhaps this whole set up is a joke. I mean, with a title and cover such as this with pictures of the band carving pumpkins and lamping on inflatable lawn furniture inside it is pretty obvious that this is just a fun thing to be doing after work and maybe if they are lucky getting a gig or two around town.

Maybe even a small tour. Who knows Gateria may be the next big thing. Their songs are constructed like a indie rock Erector set that goes off in several directions but still remains intact to stay put and, um Maybe you should too. Okay see you then! It reminds me of Belle and Sebastian, but when I see that they opened for the New Pornographers it all makes perfect sense. This is not Neko Case, but I think at least one of the three women in this band wishes she was. All in all, you can safely pass this by. This one goes all the way back toencompassing the program of the original "Leather" EP, plus the contents of two 45s from The music is, frankly, just what one would expect from GBH.

Fast, snotty and intense, what else? Any serious collector of early British street punk will want this. Then hows cum they sound like they phoned it in? The energy level on this CD is incredibly low. Ska is great dance music, and there is little inspiration to get outta the chair.

Perhaps they kick ass live? Cool reel-to-reel imagery on the Dor cover, though. Music is fairly energetic, lyrics Fnds your typical skin fare: What Usher serves up on his lonesome is very much similar to Barone in its delicate, hummable, post-Beatles baroque complexity. There is life beyond Matthew Sweet in the powerpop firmament, and this disc is proof positive. This may be the greatest slice of irony on tap for Unfortunately it's mediocre at best. These guys have a little too much self-confidence and not enough talent. There are moments of aggressive and attractive dirty bass, but the crap on this album overshadows the good parts.

That and the "seductive" female breathy lyrics are more annoying than arousing.

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They get a couple brownie points in my book for randomly quoting the Smiths, but instantly lose them for inserting the brilliant lyrics in a suck ass song. One of Finds local sluts for sex in greyfield bands that formed out of the ashes of Cap'n Jazz, they produced a series of instrumental tracks that carry the Capp'n Jazz style; angular rock songs that have plenty of noise Finds local sluts for sex in greyfield melody. It's like they wanted to be the jam band for the emo vertical striped shirt crowd and didn't want any lyrics getting in the way. I suppose there are moments when you just want to nod your head and do one of two things: OK, I'll get my mind out of the gutter.

So get your bobbleheads all in a line and start them nodding; it's about all you'll want to do with this. So very very pretty. I could find very little information about this, other than that it hails from Rome. And oh yeah, have I mentioned it's very pretty? Melodic post-punk just the way I like it. Fall asleep to this and have sad sweet dreams. Back up plan dating doing the remixing here include Dntel, Styrofoam, Opiate, isan, and more.

The entire thing sorta blends together in a seamless fashion that accentuates the album as a whole. Not a bad release to check out if you happen across it and want something mellow to kick back to. Make It Pop is their debut album, and I'll be damned if it isn't a great one. Live they play with bassist Gordon Ashdown, and in the studio they had a few guest musicians add sax, cello, and vocals to select tracks. Steve Albini recorded it, and it has that Steve Albini "immediate" and "raw" sonic quality to it. The 8 songs here are all over the place in both tempo and temperament. Some are slow, some fast, some angry, some sad, some exuberant.

All are good, and the whole album just work. The opening and closing tracks are both amazing, and you get a full and flavorful musical meal in between. I'm really, really liking this one. And they namedrop Caesura in their press kit. Man, nobody namedrops Caesura. In The Gift Machine he turns his gaze on more gritty objects: Drawing textures and moods from Sebadoh, Hayden and his peers, Matthies produces 14 tracks of dense, sneering guitar pop with purpose. The range of songs on " Don't Turn Me Off" is enough to keep the listener from getting bored, unless Matthies' mildly grating vocals which are invariably double or triple-tracked are too much for you.

It's respectable but not especially groundbreaking rock that ironically recalls some of the Northwest's 90s pioneers like Nirvana and Mudhoney. Take that for what you will. A little bit of everything calm and good, I suppose. This Canadian duo create stylized, bedroom electropop goodness. Caught in front of a hometown crowd and opening up for the Lyres! Unlike too many other bands Screamers and Suicide aside they used their synths as weapons instead of mere window dressing. Pick this up today! Singer Vicki De Vice channels several identifiable females that have come before, maybe through no fault of her own, because she has that kind of accent.

Brits are sometimes just more authentic, even B-grade outfits like this. That can be okay too. Evidently this came out in Britain on Riverside Records in Could use more in the way of hooks, but at its best it could make for a soundtrack for a car-ride through the seedier side of town. But that Kajagoogoo haircut has GOT to go! However, since none of those bands are around anymore I think Girlush Figure has room to romp and roam. Oh yeah, and there'd have to be more screaming harmonies and tunes called "Pig Fucker. I swear, this would be the soundtrack to a TV show called "When Sweet Baby Goes Bad," and the footage would show the Gloryholes smoking speed in the dressing room and being busted by the cops.

When busted, they'd be wearing nothing but wife beaters and stained tightie whities.

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