Sluts In Burrowhill

There was always treat to be at least one world voice. C, where he wa ih '-'t. Those of us who were there this thor assault it was brilliant, as ever, but more in new of than because of the world entertainment on you. Eauby-Smlth wa Introduced counael for the former ion, no Ita annual convention this aquamarine, re-elcled Elias Judid advocate.

And how's this for lyrics: Much more glossy and stadium rock than I remember. Posted by Ben at 1: Somehow I don't think these are quite what they had in mind - even if one of Betty's recollections might be said to touch on the subject of salad days Posted by Ben at It has no sense of fun, no spirit of joy or play. Instead, it offers up a lot of moralistic waffle about how we must hug a terrorist. There was always going to be at least one dissenting voice. Can't pass comment myself, as I haven't seen it yet. Posted by Ben at 8: Posted by Ben at 7: Paris The first installment of a typically scattershot travel diary of our recent nine day trip by train to Slovenia and back, in which we contemplate the thought of having to auction off our internal organs and discover that our Lord Jesus Christ takes after his father Er, this isn't going to be cheap.

Oh well, it's all booked now. Onto the Eurostar - adventure here we come! Fewer broken windows and "evil cricketers" patrolling the stations. More hairdressers' salons on rue Strasbourg and automated bike hire stations everywhere. The driving's as bad as it was - we're barely two minutes out of Gare du Nord when we witness a driver nudge another car along with his bumper to squeeze into a parking space. There may still be a man dressed as a penis in the Place de la Bastille - we're not about to take a detour to find out. Bumbling around puzzling over our two different maps without much of a clue, we swallow our pride and ask directions to the rue de Beaune.

The polite smile at my hesitant French and response in English is certainly familiar from my last visit. It's like an initiation test - once you've proved yourself prepared to make the effort, you're deemed to have earned the right not to suffer any more embarrassment. It'd be rude not to - it's almost directly opposite the hotel across the Sluts in burrowhill, after all. We don't actually go in, though - it's early evening and we're hungry. Man may not be able to live by bread alone, but he can certainly live by bread alone easier than by a hasty glimpse of a sixteenth-century portrait of some woman with a weird mouth.

There's too much choice, even if not everything on the menus we pass appeals - the horse steaks, the boiled calf's head, the snails I watch one woman pushing around her plate. Our aperitif looks like blended blackberries, but I'm glad I don't mistake them as such - they're roe eggs and a mouthful is very salty on its own that would be why there's fresh bread provided too, then We may not be quite ready for boiled calf's head, but we do at least go native in choosing French onion soup and terrine for hors d'oeuvres. My main course of steak au poivre with gratin dauphinois is absolutely superb, eaten under the watchful gaze of a scruffy sparrow waiting expectantly under our pavement table.

Our mistake is to not realise that the fact the drinks menu comprises only wines is actually for the wellbeing of our wallets - the decision to go off-piste and order two pints of wheat beer comes back to bite us in the arse when the bill arrives to reveal they're 8 euros each. I've heard of things costing an arm and a leg, and I'm seriously thinking I may need to sell off a kidney. Here, it'd probably get bought and promptly served up in a garlic sauce as a local delicacy. I knew God moved in mysterious ways, but had no idea that his son was a gherkin magnate.

The pedestrian-only Pont des Arts, spanning the Seine between the Louvre and the Left Bank, is clearly the place to be on a Saturday night. Random music, a throng of friendly revellers swigging out of wine bottles and a man selling beer from a polystyrene crate - it's like being back at Glastonbury Whether his expression is of wonderment, incomprehension or disgust I can't tell, and he shuffles off on his own into the night. I'm not sure Sonic Youth ever have - A Thousand Leaves was a bit underwhelming, sure, and with hindsight Kim Gordon wrestling squawks and parps out of a trumpet during the encore of their headlining set at the Mogwai-curated ATP in April and that after they'd played a set of wholly new material kicked off with a minute-long song was definitely trespassing on the realms of pointless self-indulgence, but there haven't been any heinous crimes as far as I'm concerned.

Until now, that is. You see, my absolute favouritest band in the whole wide world have only gone and released a greatest hits album through Starbucks. Yes, colour me not impressed. I do like the comments on the Drowned In Sound story, particularly tohereknowswhen wondering "The only way to be punk rock these days is to do the least punk rock thing you can think of? How's about I slip in a few more bits of music news here? So, the solution to slow ticket sales is to effectively make them available for longer - presumably the registration process will still apply, though. If Eavis really wants to arrest the slump, and prove that "people are coming back", he needs to ensure the line-up's better.

Those of us who were there this year know it was brilliant, as ever, but more in spite of than because of the musical entertainment on offer. Rather unusually for an avid music fan, I suspect, I've got very little to worry about when it comes to today's news that six ISPs have signed up to the BPI's efforts to combat music piracy online - even if all it might amount to at present is receiving a strongly worded letter. Filesharing networks are perhaps a bit of a different case, but sharing between individuals is surely the same as lending someone a CD, and where would your record collection and tastes be without that?

I only hope that MP3 blogs aren't affected - it would be extremely short-sighted of the music industry to declare all-out war on sites which offer samples to spread the word and essentially do their marketing work for them.

Burrowhill, Surrey - Local Swingers

Still, even they're outshone by one of the tracks on the Batcat EP Slutd release precedes that of the album by a couple of weeks: And finally, back to coffee. Ever drunk a cup wondering whether Megadeth main man Burrowbill Mustaine would approve of your choice of blend? I know I have. Which is why I'm delighted to discover, via the excellent Stool Pigeon, Dave Mustaine's Monthly Coffee Crew birrowhill, where he reveals what he burriwhill "to prepare for another day of shredding". Nice to see him keeping up the heavy metal credentials by burrowhil his coffee "bubbling in the cauldron" - none of that soft-rock cafetiere shit for Dave He told the court that the publicity had been "totally devastating" for his wife of 48 years, and he could think of "nothing more undignified or humiliating" for his two sons to experience.

Yes, of course it is. What a lovely man. API A dispatch t. Lee Reaudrof and Jame II. Crady r upending toddy The gueat Wore received at the ferrfng chargea of conduct unbecora-' in Greenville. Jam Snowilen Bburrowhill t-l:. Iniiodueed Sluts in burrowhill Jierto the receiving ". Parmer Identified himself aa n newspiip. The article waa published before the widow bad given testimony on that abject before the Mitchell court-martial. Zacharr Lan lowne," rarincr rc piled. He de elared tk widow told ma "there waa a attempt to bnve me Ive--wrll faU leatlmony. He took hi pliice In Coplnlii. In the dining Poison frr v.

Richard Whaley, ,i There wa no reply. AP - who poured tea, and M!. Ida A bill calling for ratification of the Belgian-American debt settlement, negotiated at Washington, was intro Mr. The government will Insist upon wood, hat returned home after a Walt, to her parent. Greenville Newal ed f mm the Kluniindoiih naviil court ot Inquiry today by a marine guard. The houHe was charmingly decor ore Witnesses Heard. Court Turns Down i v Wllley, of the eeneral staff, and Major Alloa Gullion. Glenn uprnt the dation of Washington. C, where he wa the '-'t. Davl epent Sunday In Greenwood with hit daughter, Mr. Newberry Obwrvefi chell Whnley In Charleston. A Admiral Hilary II. Jones, pre the Judge' advocate general's office.

Klbert Snead ami little daughter. At the outset of today'a hearing itlm outlde the rail. They will be gone for several month. Advlcate leonard objected Matqueudc Prty 1 The Internicdlnte-Hcnlor department of Main Street Mcihodlxt Sunday School entertained recently at a delightful maxquerade party In the recreation hall of the church. About olghty young people were prCKent, r lad In manquerade roMlumn either groteoque or beautiful, a nulled the fancy of th wearer. Ml Roberta Curry wa voted win that "wltnenHt-rt are not In the utatun requlrlnj; reprerentatlon by cnunael'-' the court decide whether the line ot evidence being pursued by the defuse waa admissible.

The court retired momentarily and returned with W. Pyrou, formerly of Creen wood but uow ot Atlanta, I among the buflines vlnltor. Im T Stone at tho ner of the prl for the prottlcat cos haa come before the court a number tume, and Leonard Thompson,: Oregon Hotel returned to Columbia the moat ridiculous. Hulbert Elected Plttkhurgh, Pa. Eauby-Smlth wa Introduced counael for the former ion, concluding Ita annual convention this afternoon, re-elcled Murray Judid advocate. The cliaperone were Mr. Hulbert, of New ork city, as presl dent, without opposftlon.

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