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Alternative natural remedies, such as red clover, have been found to help menopausal sweating in 60 per cent of women. The herb is rich in plant chemicals known as phytoestrogens, which mimic oestrogen. If natural remedies don't help, discuss hormone replacement therapy with your GP. Neer sweats are often made worse by drinking alcohol. Night sweats among women of aLdies certain age are sweatg sign of the menopause Sweating can be a side-effect of antidepressants - this is because they can increase levels of stress hormones such as noradrenaline, leading to excess perspiration, says Dr Declan Leahy, consultant psychiatrist at the Private Psychiatry clinic in Kent.

This can happen at any time - though many people taking these drugs experience night sweats. Hokiday medications that cause sweating include blood pressure medications, medicines for dry mouth, cold and flu remedies that contain pseudo-ephedrine, iron tablets and antibiotics. Stopping strong painkillers can sometimes cause sweating, too. For those suffering from depression, relaxation or exercise are stress-busters. Caffeine boosts blood pressure and increases heart rate, so may exacerbate sweating. It causes them to produce up to ten times as much sweat. They feel constantly damp though it can get even worse with heat, exercise or anxiety.

Those who suffer with hyperhidrosis are thought to have an excessive number of nerve signals travelling from the brain to the sweat glands, says Dr Sajjad Rajpar, consultant dermatologist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. Using an anti- perspirant that contains aluminium chloride, such as Driclor, can help, as it blocks the sweat glands. However, it can cause irritation. Botox injections in the palms can give some relief, by blocking nerve impulses that control the sweat glands. The effects usually wear off after six to nine months. We did love that dog and he lived to 14, but still. But I think it was meant to hurt. But then after I ate half the box and felt disgusted about myself, I realized that it was actually a mean gift.

Lucy, 54, offered one example of such a present: He said it was an early Christmas gift. That gift was awful in so many ways. He pranced around acting like he was so generous, bragged to his parents and our friends. It was in my school budget all along.

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In fact I think it might have been ads like that that gave him the idea. It Ladiss a missive, a message that comes across as hurtful or just plain thoughtless. Excessive sweating is interfering with your job — for example, you have difficulty holding tools or using a computer keyboard. You're having problems with normal daily activities, such as driving.

You're spending a significant amount of time coping with sweating — for example, frequently showering and changing your clothes. You become socially withdrawn and self-conscious. The fear of sweating Dr Pixie McKenna, of Channel 4 programme Embarrassing Bodies, has seen her fair share of people with hyperhidrosis, but she says many sit and home and suffer in silence. On first dates, special occasions or even standing up to give a presentation, perspiration can prove the most nerve-wracking component of any activity.

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