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In the event, the Fed decided to leave interest rates unchanged and Sluts in condorrat would be forgiven for thinking that that was good news. However, the same voices that had predicted the end of the world if rates had been increased now changed their tune and put a profoundly negative spin on the decision to postpone any rate rise. The explanations for this irrational reaction varied between: It must mean that the US economy is a lot weaker than the Fed is letting on. The Fed is worried about making the financial and political turmoil in Europe and the Middle East even worse with potential knock-on effects on the US economy. Whilst some of these assertions are no more than guesswork and others may have a degree of merit they are not, in our view, sufficiently persuasive to justify the major equity downgrading that then occurred.

It is worth remembering that the Federal Reserve has two main purposes; Firstly, its role is to maintain the unemployment rate in America at or close to its long-term average of 4.

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Inflation in the US is currently lower than that figure and the Fed would like it to increase to their target range. Janet Yellen the Federal Reserve Chair is, of course, well aware of the pervasive impact on society generally and particularly those who are reliant on pensions and savings to generate their income of over six years of zero interest rates. She would clearly like to make a relatively modest increase in interest rates at this stage of the economic cycle and it is very likely that rates will increase marginally before the end of Given what has happened over the last six weeks this should now be received as a positive move by the equity markets.

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